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"Candy is a symbol of fun to the child, sentiment to the adult,
and pleasure to the old. Candy knows no social barriers, it is for
the rich or poor, young or old, man or woman. Candy is available
to everyone, price and choice for everyone." –Rilla Plyley


Milo Plyleys 20s
It began in 1917 when Rilla Plyley put a plate of fudge on a shelf in the family store "for fun."
Plyley's Home-made Candies officially started in 1919 by Milo & Rilla Plyley in LaGrange, IN.

stirring ocena willard

The tradition continued as Milo & Rilla's son, Willard, learned the candy-making business.
Along with his wife, Ocena, Willard kept Plyley's on the forefront of the industry.

young jack 3 generation

During the early 1950's, Plyley's was the hottest place in town, often with people lined up around the corner. Willard & Ocena's son, Jack, was brought up at the candy store, and eventually inherited the business. Jack is the young man at the soda counter (on left), and Jack is pictured with his wife, Joanne, mother, Ocena, and grand-mother, Rilla - founder of Plyley's (on right).

plyleys 50s plyley's 80s

Unfortunately with the finishing of the Toll Road in 1956, LaGrange was no longer a main stopping point for cross-country traffic. Plyley's perservered, and under the direction of Jack it began focusing on the wholesale market. In 1971, Jack built the current manufacturing facility just blocks from the original family store. This building is home to the daily candy-making operation as well as the factory store. Plyley's is now under the direction of Rilla Plyley's great-grandson, Jack T., and is focused on keeping the family traditions of fine hand-made candies alive.